How parents & their kids can lead a balanced digital life - Q&A with expert Denise L. DeRosa

Denise Lisi DeRosa is the founder of Cyber Sensible, a consulting firm dedicated to helping families manage technology in their homes. Denise offers insightful and actionable advice on having a balanced digital life and leads discussion with both parents and teens. We talked with her about her work, new digital trends and what it means to be a good "digital citizen".

What is the one tip you give parents the most? There are two actually, The first is to be involved. Know what your kids are doing online, ask about the sites, apps and games they are playing, who they are connecting with and why they are drawn to them. Next, model the behavior you would like to see in your children: know when to turn off your devices and be present, don't overshare on social media, be kind online, don't text and drive, employ the available privacy settings, use strong passwords, etc. Your kids will follow what you do more than what you say.

What do you think is a disturbing or alarming trend these days, one we might even ignore is happening? The shear volume of information and constant communication can be overwhelming to adults, so the burden on kids is something we have not yet tackled. I want to make sure that kids understand the need to detach from digital media overload, so they can fully absorb and process the information. What we are all missing is the quiet time to observe, think, take it all in and make sense of the constant information being fed to us.