Get alerts on your child's activity right when your help is needed.

Bosco monitors a variety of popular apps:

Supported apps
Bosco app Google Play Store. Keep kids safe on-line.
Bosco app Google Play Store. Keep kids safe on-line.

Bosco for Windows and advanced iPhone support 

Bosco app dashboard


Bosco detects unusual events or threats, and notifies parents when their children might need protection. It’s a solution that eliminates distractions and lets parents focus on what really matters.

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Bosco's powerful features detect a wide range of alarming situations and send intelligent notifications right to the parent's device.

Location Tracking

Location tracking

Know where your child is while they are out of reach and track their location in real-time.

Be sure your child makes it safely to school and back home. Bosco monitors children's normal routine and notifies parents when the child arrives at or leaves safe places.

Offensive Messages

Offensive messages

Be notified of offensive language in your child's text conversations. Bosco alerts on potential risks of cyberbullying, harassment and violence.

Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate content

Find out if your child has inappropriate images on their device. Bosco alerts parents whenever we find possible explicit content.

Screen Time

Screen time

Keep track of your child's screen time and which apps he is using. Bosco will alert you when your child uses new or risky apps. 

Mood Detection

 Mood detection 

Find out if your child is depressed, angry or stressed out. Bosco detects children's mood by analyzing the tone of their phone calls.


SOS button and widget

The emergency button and a special home screen widget let your child reach you in an emergency.

Remote unmuting

Remote unmuting

Remotely unmute your child's phone.

Battery Level

Battery level

Monitor your child’s battery level. Bosco will automatically send your child's location when their battery drops to less than 15%.

Hand holding Bosco App


Bosco's mood detection is a sensitive and non-invasive tool that allows parents to keep up with their child's mood from a distance. Know if your child is depressed, angry or stressed out with just a single glance.

Get started in 3 easy steps


Sign up

Install Bosco on your device, sign up and add your child. Then connect them to the Bosco app.



Install the Bosco app on your child's device and approve the parent connection.



Keep up with your child with our smart notifications and the dashboard on your device.

3 Bosco screens

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