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Bosco is an AI-powered parenting app that predicts and prevents threats to children.

Bosco's innovative approach offers parents insights about their children's activity instead of providing the data itself. It's a solution that keeps kids safe without compromising their privacy.


Bosco was created with the intention of putting parents back in the driver’s seat of both theirs and their children’s digital lives.

Bosco's unique approach to online child safety gives parents the information they need to help guide their children through threats they might face online.

Our vision is to keep kids safe in a world of online and offline threats.


We aim to keep kids safe online.


Safe from cyberbullying, shaming, offensive and inappropriate content, violence and harassment.

Because kids today live their lives "inside" of their phones, that's where we are.

We monitor, track and make sure that everything is just fine.

If it's not - you won't hear from us.

We hope you never hear from us.

Not sure if Bosco is the app for you?

Here are some of our customers' questions and our answers

Who should use Bosco?

Bosco is designed for parents whose kids use smartphones.

Is Bosco a spy app?

Absolutely not. Bosco is a parental awareness app, designed to monitor and alert the parent in cases where offensive and inappropriate content appears in the child's device. The Bosco app icon is visible to the child on their app home screen and a persistent notification makes sure the child knows he's being monitored.

How do I explain Bosco to my kids?

Let's start with *why* you should tell them about Bosco. Bosco is an app that keeps them safe. Kids don't always know right from wrong and are exposed to all kinds of inappropriate content. Bosco continuously scans the kids' phones and alerts the parent when something is up. You can tell your kids that Bosco is like wearing a bike helmet or a seat belt. You have their backs.

How is Bosco different than other parental control apps?

First of all, Bosco isn't a parental control app. Parental control apps control the kids' phones - limit usage time and content. We don't set limits, that's up to you - the parent.

How does Bosco detect my daughter's mood?

Bosco is based on extensive AI and machine learning solutions. Need this in English? That means Bosco is heavily based and backed by a state of the art technology. Whenever your daughter makes a phone call, we analyze her voice and determine whether or not she's stressed, happy or in a neutral mood.

You analyze a lot of data... who has access to it?

You can keep calm. Your kids' phone data is safely stored in our servers for the duration of the analysis and then deleted, so that no one has access to it.

Which devices and operating systems does Bosco support?

Bosco supports both Android and Apple and we welcome all devices. For kids with Android devices, we offer mood detection, offensive text monitoring, inappropriate image monitoring, location, battery level and social media monitoring. For kids with Apple devices, we offer location, battery level and social media monitoring.

Which languages does Bosco support?

You can use Bosco in English, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Japanese and Hebrew.

Can we contact you and share our thoughts, insights and ideas?

Of course you can and we look forward to hearing from you! Drop us a line here: or visit our Facebook page.

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Bosco app on Google Play Store
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