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About us

Bosco’s innovative approach

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A new approach to
child safety

Bosco's innovative approach offers parents insights about their children's activity instead of providing the data itself. It's a solution that keeps kids safe without compromising their privacy.

Bosco is an AI-powered parenting app that predicts and prevents threats to children. Taking parenting to the next level Bosco's advanced technology monitors children's activity, detects threats, and alerts parents in real-time.

Deep Insights

Bosco collects data from children’s mobile activity, location and social networks to build a unique behavioral profile for each child.

Our powerful artificial intelligence combines and analyzes the data, providing parents with smart and personal insights right when they matter most.

3-Layer Algorithm


Bosco’s 3-layer analysis model understands how cultural and personal circumstances impact children’s social activity.

Our proprietary algorithm accounts for differences in culture, age, gender and each child’s unique behavioral traits to better analyze each individual child.

Predictive Intelligence


Bosco uses advanced data analytics to predict and prevent threats to children.

Our algorithms continuously learn and improve over time, revealing unknown and often surprising threats that might have otherwise flown beneath the radar.


Taking parenting to the next level
Bosco's advanced technology monitors children's activity, detects threats, and alerts parents in real-time.

Child privacy

The Bosco app never shows parents personal data collected from the child’s device. The child’s personal data is analyzed and then immediately deleted. Parents are only notified if Bosco detects a possible issue.


Parents are notified if Bosco identifies calls with signs of a bad mood. Parents won’t receive a synopsis of the phone call.

Bosco's servers and databases are protected with SSL encryption. Bosco does not collect any information that can connect personal data to a particular child. Every bit of data has a unique, encryption. Bosco does not share any data with any 3rd party.

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Why Bosco

The Bosco app was created to put parents back in the driver’s seat, of both theirs and their children’s digital lives. Our unique approach to online child safety, gives parents the information they need to help guide their children through threats they might face online.

Smarter Parenting

Say goodbye to distractions and focus on what really matters.

The modern, digital world often leads to people feeling distracted and stressed out. With children, the research is clear - proper monitoring of their technology use is crucial to their overall wellbeing. Technology doesn’t need to get in our way. We have the power to use it to impact our lives for the better.

Bosco's technology

Bosco wants to empower parents with the tools to give children the freedom and privacy they need to thrive. Our smart notifications like the mood detection feature helps parents talk to their children about what’s happening in their online world.

Bosco's peace of mind

With Bosco, parents can be confident that they’ll be there when their kids need their protection or supervision. With that peace of mind, parents are free to give their children the greatest gift of all - their complete presence, in the moment, together.

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Give yourself the knowledge to help your child grow

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