Bosco Is Now Keeping Kids Safe in 50 Countries

Parents around the world are leaving traditional parental control apps, and using Bosco instead.

Bosco App Dashboard

Just two years after it’s initial launch, Bosco is now being used by 25,000 families in 50 countries around the world to help keep their children safe.

“Parents around the world have spent years bouncing between services, looking for a viable solution to keep their children safe online,” said Enon Landenberg, Bosco’s CEO. “Parents have come to understand that blocking access or spying on children's internet usage is an ineffective method to protect children online and are looking for a better approach.

The risks to children are real. There's cyberbullying, depression and suicide, communication from strangers, sexual harassment, and the list goes on. And In the online world, these risks can come from many more places. Our kids spend hours on their smartphones and each minute magnifies the danger.

We can't control what our kids are doing online, but we can use their smartphones as tools to make sure they're safe and that we’re there for them when they need us most. That’s why we created Bosco.

Bosco was created for parents by parents. “As a dad and an entrepreneur, I set out to build the family safety tool that was right for me and my family,” said Landenberg. Bosco notifies parents about their child's moods, calls from unknown numbers, unusual behavior on Facebook, their child’s location, and their child's phone battery level. It’s the next generation of parental control - a tool that helps keep children safe while preserving their privacy and autonomy.

It’s clearly an approach that has resonated with parents from around the world. “Bosco’s global appeal is the result of giving parents the information they need, the moment they need it,” Landenberg said. “Bosco doesn’t make parents go through an intricate set up process or read through hundreds of messages, images, and webpages every day to keep their child safe. With Bosco, parents can make sure everything is ok with just one screen - and our notifications let them know when something isn't.”

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