Why do kids bully?

What often starts as seemingly harmless teasing between children can quickly turn into intentionally hurtful behavior. Unlike adults, children are still developing emotionally, which means that they cannot fully understand the consequences that bullying can have on a person’s mental and physical well-being. This holds true for both victims of bullying and bullies themselves, as children who resort to tormenting others are often suffering themselves.

As adults, it is important to understand why some children pick on their peers, in order to help the little ones in our lives be better equipped, should they encounter bullying.

Parental neglect

Children need positive attention in order to thrive. When the adults in their environment do not respond with warmth and interest to their requests, children might act disruptively in an attempt to become the centre of attention.

Negative role models

Although little ones learn a lot through imitation, they cannot discern which behaviours are healthy and desirab