5 Ways That Bosco Helps Parents Be More Mindful

Bosco helps parents rid themselves of the worry and stress about what our kids are doing online, and makes it easier to focus on what really matters.

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The modern, technologically driven world often leads to people feeling distracted and stressed out. In response, mindfulness has gained traction as a way to improve our well being and to focus on being fully present with our experiences instead of being distracted by the all the extraneous stimuli begging for our attention.

Recent research actually shows that being mindful doesn’t just provide benefits to ourselves. It also impacts the people around us - in particular, our children. More mindful parents engaged in more positive parenting behavior, and that led to more positive behavior in their kids - meaning less anxiety, less depression, and less acting out.

A new approach to technology design encourages users to focus on mindfulness, instead of losing themselves inside their devices and apps. Mindful technology focuses on making technology that increases the well being of its users and the people that they care most about - and that’s the way we built Bosco. Here’s how:

1. Bosco gives parents just the right amount of information

Bosco gives parents the information that they need to keep their children safe right when they need it. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms enable us to add value for parents when and where it matters, and our user interface is designed to give parents information at a glance, without taking you out of the moment

2. Bosco gives children the freedom and privacy that they need to thrive

We don’t believe that online safety needs to be an overbearing mess that completely invades children’s lives. Bosco respects children’s privacy by giving parents insights about their children’s behavior, instead of giving access to their data itself.

3. Bosco helps parents improve communication with their children

One of the keys to protecting children online is communicating openly and often about what’s happening online. It’s no different that asking kids what happened in school that day. Bosco gives parents valuable insight into their children’s behavior that helps foster open and productive communication that can do wonders in keeping children safe.

4. Bosco’s mood detection keeps parents and children emotionally attuned

Research suggests that parents being emotionally attuned to their children may be more important than simply expressing positive emotions. For example, smiling during a stressful conversation might not be constructive. Bosco’s mood detection feature clues parents into their children’s mood, ensuring that parents can always interact with their children in a manner that their children will respond to.

5. Bosco removes stress and frees up time so that parents can be completely present with their kids

The greatest gift that parents can give to their children is their complete presence, in the moment. That’s why Bosco keeps things simple. There’s no tedious setup process or hours spent pouring over children’s messages looking for a needle in the haystack. Bosco works in the background, and only alerts parents when their attention and protection is needed. Parents get some peace of mind knowing their children are safe, and extra time to connect, communicate, and be with their children.

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