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A Parent's Summer Survival Kit

Summer is here

Summer is here! Beach, parties, trips and many other fun and exciting get-togethers and activities are awaiting our sun-thirsty teens and tweens. While 'tis the season to wear sunscreen, it is also the season to teach our youngsters how to be extra-careful and to be sure that us, parents, keep an eye (or two, even three) on our kids.

Here are a few tips and tricks for a calm, peaceful, enjoyable summer.

☼ Zip-it!

When the kids are hanging out at the beach or by the pool, their phones are likely to get wet and could possibly go belly up if one too many drops hit them.

The solution? Have your kids carry their smartphones inside small Ziploc bags! That way, they can use them and not worry about getting them wet, and you can be sure you won't need to have an unplanned cellphone purchase!

☼ "Sun is shining, the weather is sweet.... makes you want to read what's shown on your cellphone screen!"

Picture this - you're on the beach and receive a text message.

When you unlock your phone, you can barely read who it's from!

Solution? Purchase an anti-glare cover! Now your kids (and you!) could easily read, text and play even with direct sunlight!

☼ Do these ring a bell?

"Why hasn't she returned my call? Maybe her battery is out!"

"Where is he? He should have been home hours ago!"

Of course they do! No parent enjoys saying them but oh, how frequent they are. Keep calm and know exactly how much battery your kid's phone has and know exactly where they are with Bosco. Set up known locations such as "Home", "Grandparents' house", "Swimming pool" and "aerobics class" to receive alerts if the kids wander around in unknown spots.

See where they are, at all times

While you're there, check out the child's dashboard - it contains information about the existence of inappropriate content, alerts about dramatic drops in social friends and followers and many more features, intended to help you stay calm and on top of everything in your child's life.

Have a pleasant and safe summer,

The Bosco Team.

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