No, the cat didn't accidentally step on my keyboard.

If you have kids who use WhatsApp more than face to face conversations, you need to get with the lingo.

Let's start off with explaining the headline.

"Hi, WRU, WDUWTA, WRUW...? KK G2G" means "Hi, who are you? What do you wanna talk about? What are you wearing...? Okay, gotta go."

Feeling confused, puzzled, lost and most of all - old? You're not alone. Kids today have their very own language, abbreviations, phrases and idioms and it's next to impossible to keep track.

The first SMS message was sent more than 25 years ago by Engineer Neil Papworth and read "Merry Christmas". Fast forward 25 years and you've got Instant Messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages and what-not-messages. Seems that kids, teens and even adults at times prefer the written message to the outdated phone call.

But it's not all G-rated.

With kids constantly looking to explore, the good ole' texting has made room for its promiscuous sibling - the sexting. Textual conversations containing sexual innuendos, slurs and private photos.

This is particularly worrisome due to the potential harassments that could emerge from such conversations.

Kids today receive hundreds of text messages and photos, each day. While most of the content is usually harmless, it's that one inappropriate photo or message that could trouble your kid or their friends.

And you need to know about it.

Want to keep track of your kids' conversations and know when inappropriate photos are received?

Here's what you need:

📱First, get familiar with this list of 200 frequently used abbreviations


📱Second - get Bosco.

Bosco monitors textual conversations and images, and prompts when inappropriate content appears. You, the parent, will be notified and only see a blurred thumbnail of the image or a snippet of the conversation, so you know you need to talk to your kid.

Want to know more about how you can protect your child?

Click here and learn about Bosco.

Have a safe and cool summer,

The Bosco team.