Warn your kids: The next Blue Whale is here. It's called Momo and it's lethal.

The online threats aren't backing down.

Bosco is here to protect your kids.

We've all heard about the Blue Whale challenge - Kids and teens signed up to receive a creepy list of tasks, all aiming to inflict self harm.

The participants would photograph as they cut themselves and pierce the shape of a blue whale using a knife or razor.

The end result of this killer challenge and the task the participants wanted to excel in - was suicide.

Deaths related to this challenge were recorded in Russia, while police forces in Europe, the US, South America, South East Asia and Australia have found links to kids harming themselves.

That was 2016.

Fast forward to 2018 and we now face a new threat - Momo.

This is Momo.

Momo is half-bird-half-woman, with huge, possessed eyes.

It's supposedly based on Momo, a Japanese doll created by Midori Hayashi, although the resemblance ends there and the artist has absolutely nothing to do with the new craze.

The viral challenge asks people to add a new contact to their phones and name it Momo.

Once added, they start receiving orders to harm selves and commit the ultimate task - suicide.

The new challenge is already the cause of death for 2 teenagers in Colombia. Their cellphones were taken by the police, who says that WhatsApp messages containing texts regarding self harm and suicide appear in their phones.

Kids today don't tend to share. Especially when they find themselves in messy situations and feel scared to share the threat with their parents, as they may feel like they're to blame.

Years ago, our parents could pick up the phone in the other room and hear us talking to our friends. They could sense the tone, the vibe, hear the words. Today, with fewer calls and a lot more text messages, parents need to know when something is up.

You need Bosco.

Bosco was invented in order to protect our kids from bullying and threats.

If someone tells your kids to hurt themselves - Bosco will know and notify you.

If someone tells your kids they should commit suicide - Bosco will know and notify you.

If someone is bullying your child, threatening them or saying bad words of any kids - We will know and we will tell you.

Bosco isn't a spying app. Bosco monitors your child's WhatsApp messages and tone of voice (on Android devices), their location and if 3 or more people removed them as friends of social media, which could point to a cyberbullying event.

Bosco is constantly watching, learning, staying up to date with threats and killer challenges.

If nothing is wrong, you will hear nothing.

If something is wrong - you will be notified.

That's the purpose of Bosco.