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What's the story?

It seems that every other day a new word, phrase, dance or acronym enters our lives. Our kids' lives, to be accurate. With all the dance routines, social media slang and other inventions, you need to get with the program! Parents - feel like you're behind on the latest trend? Here's what you need to know!

In July of this year, Shiggy (of The Shiggy Show) recorded a video of himself while dancing to the tunes of Drake's 'In My Feelings', acting out the lyrics: "Keke, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you'll never ever leave from beside me..."

Sounds ordinary? It is. Except that Shiggy did it while walk-dancing next to a driving car!

And it didn't end there...

A wave of celebrities, kids, grandparents and even animals (!) took part in the craze.

Don't take our word for it, just watch:

Yea, we got that right.

According to Urban Dictionary, it's "when your face makes you look like a huge bitch."

Here's an example (sorry, Rihanna):

Your kids say the word "story" but don't mean a book?

They write #tbt, #fbf, #mfw and #smh?

This is a popular Instagram and SnapChat lingo.

#tbt and #fbf mean Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday respectively.

#mfw means My Face When and #smh means Shaking my Head.

I bet you're shaking your head now!

A story is where your kids upload their photos and videos. It's a temporary presentation of their uploads and is visible to their friends for 24 hours.

These are all nice and cool, but did you know your kids have acronyms and dedicated slang for the word "sex" and sexual activity?

DMing (or Down in the DM), Snatchchat, Powerballing, Netflix And Chill, Intercoarse, Hotline Bling, Funch, Get lucky, Get busy, Hit a home run, Get some, Put your P in a V, Pound, Smash, Give you the cummies and about a thousand more. We'll fill you in when a new batch is out.

Until next time, good luck with keeping up to date!

And remember, if your kids send out a "PAW" - it means Parents Are Watching...

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