Don't trick and tweet!

With Halloween right around the corner, you probably have your All-Saint's-Eve checklist marked with V's: The costume, the makeup, the candy bags. Now, it's time to make sure the only scary part is the costumes and nothing else.

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Kids love to get all dressed up in scary outfits and roam the streets looking for candy of all shapes and flavors.

It's a fun and exciting holiday, but there's one thing worth paying attention to - your kids' safety.

So before they hit the streets with their Frankenstein suit, here are a few things to remember and make clear:

  • Plan your route before heading out

Before they set off to collect as much candy as possible, agree on a route they know, and make clear which areas they need to stay away from.

  • “Two is company, four is a party, three is a crowd. One is a wanderer.”

James Thurber had a valid point and one that is super relevant to Halloween. Before your kids head out, make sure to explain how important it is to stay together and not wander off alone.

  • Outside is the best side

When talking to your kids about visiting strangers’ houses, make it crystal clear – don’t go inside! Knock on the door, collect the sweets, say Thank You and move along.

  • Shine bright like a costume

It’s late, it’s dark, it’s crowded. When getting your kids ready to go out, make sure they wear reflective tape, glow sticks or carry flashlights.

  • Know where they are, all the time

You had a conversation, you planned their routes, covered their clothes in reflective tape, set them up in groups... but you're still worried?

Time to install Bosco.

Bosco will keep you in the loop and update you when your kids arrive and leave safe places, show you their location on a map, alert you if they receive phone calls from unknown callers and notify you if they receive offensive or inappropriate content.

Get Bosco today and keep calm on Halloween!

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