The lip-sync battle

Ever spotted your kids standing in front of their phones, singing the latest popular tune? You're not alone!

Check out the latest in the karaoke app field.

When we were kids, almost every single accessory at home acted as our microphone - the broom, a pen, the shower-head, remote control and the list goes on and on!

Our audience was composed of family members, friends and neighbours and other innocent bystanders.

Fast forward to present day and kids are singing to themselves like it's the American Idol auditions! And not only that, they broadcast it online to their friends and followers.

In 2014, stormed into our lives and had kids pick out their favourite songs hot of the charts and record an underground video clip version. By 2016, the app already had more than 90 million users worldwide and by the end of 2017 - 200 million.

Here's how it's done:

In August of this year, fans were welcomed by a new name, interface and logo. Their beloved app was now called TikTok.

TikTok, a brand belonging to the Chinese giant ByteDance, absorbed the users, and is now the proud owner of 500 million active monthly users worldwide.

In TikTok's pipeline are extensive plans to broaden the app's features and capabilities such as performance insights and guidance, reactions, filters and green-screen background effects. was a pioneer in the field of music video recording apps.

But can it remain the leader?

(Image: Techworm)

Last week, a rival was introduced and it goes by the name of Lasso.

Facebook created an app that lets its users create the same kind of short lip-syncing video clips and also share them on Facebook and Instagram stories quickly and easily.

The reasoning is most likely derived from the fact that the younger audience is more attracted to Instagram, SnapChat and YouTube, rather than Facebook.

It also comes 2 years after launching Facebook and Instagram Stories, a replica of SnapChat's stories. This time, to try and "lasso" its users back, the social media giant is using its extensive music deals.

Both apps are available on the iOS app store and Google Play, so feel free to give them a try. After all, no one said these apps are only need to be used by teens.

Just try to be careful so you don't end up like these folks....