Talk to your kids about bullying

Back when we were kids, bullying was something that happened mostly at school. It occasionally followed us to the playground but mostly stayed in school.

Today, a bullied child can't catch a break - it happens in school, the playground and worst of all, online.

"Why do kids bully others?"

As upsetting as this sounds, kids usually pick up this sort of behaviour at home, from their parents. They could be lacking attention at home, going through a rough time with a sibling, or looking for a victim to go through something they've been through before.

"How do I know if my child is being bullied?"

If your child is acting differently than he usually does, suffers from mood swings, not eating, not sleeping well, skipping school or avoiding social situations - they might be undergoing bullying.

"How do I talk to them about bullying?"

Before they start school, talk to them about what bullying is and how to identify it. Explain that bullying is a result of the bully's issues and problems and that's their way of handling it.

Explain to them, that if they're bullied online (via social networks or text apps), they should come talk to you before responding as they may get into more trouble.

And if they're bullied in school, make sure they know they can come talk to you or a school advisor.

"What do I do if I know they're being bullied?"

First of all, talk to your child and tell them that they're not alone and that you'll support them throughout this entire phase.

Make sure they understand the bully is looking for an outlet to his rage and frustration and that they're not to blame.

Talk to the school so they can assist and talk to the bully's parents.

״How do I know if my child is bullying others?"

If your child has behavioural issues (acting impulsive, frustrated, gets angry quickly), gets into trouble at school, hangs out with kids who are aggressive - your child might be involved in bullying.

Try to talk to them, get them to share how they feel about school, their friends and their social circles and of course, talk to the school advisor.

"How do I talk to them if I know they are bullying others?"

First, try to understand why they do it. Usually, they will opt for bullying instead of working out their own issues or solving their problems.

One approach suggests talking to them about the problem that needs solving. Show them a different way out, rather than bullying someone else. Talk about how traumatizing bullying is and how by bullying someone, they're actually spreading the bullying disease.

Another approach suggests punishing them by taking away their phone, video games and other things they enjoy doing in their spare time.

That's for you to decide, which way you'd like to go.

"How can I easily keep track of my kids and know if they're bullying or being bullied?"

Sounds like you need Bosco.

Bosco monitors kids' smartphones, analyzes text messages, images, tone of voice during phone calls, keeps social media friends' count, notifies on unknown callers and shows your kids' location and battery level.

If offensive messages, inappropriate content and bad mood calls are detected - you will know as it happens.

If nothing is up - you won't hear from us. We hope you never hear from us!

To learn more we recommend this comprehensive guide about bullying prevention by the Mom Loves Best blog:

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