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Monitoring apps & Privacy

We’ve all heard stories about kids being cyber-bullied or preyed upon by unscrupulous individuals online. Given this new reality, parents’ top priority is to protect their children from the dangers that lurk in cyberspace; hence the global rise of parental monitoring apps. This rapidly growing app market provides benefits for both parents and children, but raises questions about users’ privacy, especially when the users are children and teenagers.

These monitoring apps come with several useful features like geofencing, location tracking, screen time tracking, app blocker, app activity tracker, app/website filtering, and much more. But while they may give parents the power to monitor and control the crucial aspects of their kid’s phone and internet use, the need to keep them safe can sometimes become almost obsessive and all-consuming. This feeling can compel parents to constantly monitor every movement and activity their kids engage in while using their smartphones.

It is one thing to be involved in your child’s life, and another to become too involved. Being overprotective or spying on your child can be detrimental in many ways; it can damage your relationship with them, affect your mental health, and increase the chance of becoming codependent.That’s why using a parental monitoring app can be a two- edged sword. - On one hand, these apps allow you to protect your children from various threats and risks. On the other hand, they can be a liability if they are used to monitor everything your child does.

But there is another option - an app which gives you low-level details of your children’s conversations and alerts you when content is potentially dangerous or inappropriate, which at the same time respects your child’s need for privacy. The alerts remove the stress of constantly monitoring your child’s activities for anything suspicious, because the app does this for you, leaving your mind free of worry and your child’s privacy intact.

Unlike traditional parental control apps, Bosco strikes the correct balance between protecting children from online threats, like predators, cyberbullying, and inappropriate content, and giving them the freedom and privacy they need to thrive. Bosco helps you keep your child safe online without crossing any boundaries and compromising the trust between you.

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